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I tie many different patterns from traditional dry flies to modern versions, traditional wet flies, nymphs and bugs and trout lures. I also tie patterns for coarse fish, including Pike flies and a particular speciality in Salmon Fly brooches. All patterns are tied on quality hooks and quality materials are used in their construction. Hackles used in fly tying are traditionally from cock or hen capes. Genetic capes are used for dry flies that help the fly sit proud of the water.

I tie mostly imitative flies that are suggestive of the food that fish eat, such as the Bloodworm  Fritz Nymphs  Diawl bach (DB), buzzers  and other nymphs. I also enjoy success with large nymphs  Montana series  Viva nymph  Damselfly nymph (DFN) and all its variations, including the adult male blue damselfly.